How to Clean a Firearm’S Magazine Follower?

To clean a firearm’s magazine follower, disassemble the magazine and wipe down the follower with a cloth and a cleaning solution. The magazine follower is a crucial part of the magazine that must be cleaned regularly to ensure reliable feeding of ammunition into the firearm.

Neglecting the cleaning of the magazine follower can result in misfeeds or magazine failure, which could be hazardous during firearm use. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in disassembling a magazine and cleaning the magazine follower thoroughly.

We’ll also cover some tips and tricks to keep your magazine follower in excellent condition.

How to Clean a Firearm'S Magazine Follower?


Understanding Firearm Magazine Followers

Firearm maintenance is an essential part of gun safety. Cleaning a firearm’s magazine follower is a crucial aspect of firearm upkeep that is often overlooked. Understanding magazine followers, their function and importance in firearm performance, and cleaning them regularly can help prevent misfires and malfunctions.

Importance Of Cleaning A Magazine Follower

A dirty magazine follower can cause several problems when shooting a firearm. The follower is responsible for pushing cartridges up into the chamber, so it is essential to keep it clean. Dirty followers can cause the firearm to jam, resulting in prolonged downtime and frustration, hindering the overall performance of the gun.

Therefore, cleaning the magazine follower regularly should be a part of gun safety best practices.

Anatomy Of A Firearm Magazine Follower

The magazine follower is an essential part of any firearm magazine. It is a small metal or plastic device that sits at the top of the magazine and works with the magazine spring to push cartridges into the chamber. To understand how to clean the magazine follower, it’s crucial to know its parts.

The magazine follower consists of three primary parts:

  • The body: Its primary function is to keep the spring and the cartridges in their proper positions.
  • The round-orienting tab: This small protruding part helps ensure the round is oriented correctly in the chamber.
  • The follower’s tail: This part controls the spring’s recoil and helps keep the cartridges firmly in place.

Cleaning a magazine follower is a simple process, and it’s essential to keep it in top shape for proper firearm functioning. By understanding its importance and anatomy, you can keep your firearm performing safely and efficiently.

Steps To Clean A Firearm Magazine Follower

A firearm magazine follower is an essential component of a magazine as it ensures that rounds are chambered smoothly. Over time, the buildup of dirt and grime can affect the performance of the follower. Therefore, you should learn how to clean the magazine follower to keep your firearm in good condition.

Here are the steps to accomplish this task:

Step 1: Safety First

Before you start cleaning your firearm, it is crucial to ensure that you follow all safety protocols. Make sure that you unload your firearm and remove all ammunition from the cleaning area. Next, wear protective gear, such as eye and ear protection, to prevent any injury.

Step 2: Disassemble The Magazine

Disassembling a magazine is not difficult, but it requires some knowledge and practice. If your magazine has a retaining plate or a floor plate, use a screwdriver to remove the plate and release the spring and follower. Once you remove the parts, inspect them for any signs of damage or wear.

Step 3: Clean The Magazine Follower

Cleaning the magazine follower is the most crucial step to ensure optimum performance. To clean the follower, you will need a few tools and a cleaning solution.

Tools Required

  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning patches
  • Cleaning rod
  • Tweezers

Cleaning Solution Options

  • Gun oil
  • Clp
  • Solvent cleaner

Cleaning Techniques

  • Use cleaning patches and solvent cleaner to remove dirt or residue from the follower.
  • Employ a cleaning brush and solvent cleaner to scrub the follower thoroughly.
  • Use tweezers to clean hard-to-reach spots.

Step 4: Lubricate The Magazine Follower

After cleaning, you need to lubricate the magazine follower to ensure it operates smoothly. Lubrication helps to reduce friction between the follower and the walls of the magazine.

Recommended Lubricants

  • Hoppe’s no. 9 gun oil
  • Break-free clp
  • Rem oil

Application Techniques

  • Apply a drop of lubricant to a cleaning patch.
  • Rub the patch along the follower’s surface and inside the magazine body.
  • Don’t over-lubricate the follower.

Step 5: Reassemble The Magazine

Once you have cleaned and lubricated the magazine, it’s time to reassemble it. Make sure you insert the spring and follower properly and snap the retaining plate or the floor plate back into position.

Knowing how to clean a firearm magazine follower is essential to ensure your firearm’s longevity and performance. By following the above step-by-step guide, you can keep your magazine follower clean and functioning correctly. Remember to practice safe firearm handling at all times.

Best Practices For Maintaining Firearm Magazine Followers

When it comes to maintaining a firearm, the magazine is often overlooked. However, the magazine plays a crucial role in the firearm’s overall function. A magazine follower, in particular, helps ensure the gun feeds ammunition into the chamber correctly. Here are some best practices for maintaining firearm magazine followers:

Frequency Of Cleaning

Like any mechanical component, magazine followers require regular cleaning. However, the frequency of cleaning can vary depending on the usage of the firearm and the conditions it is exposed to. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to clean the magazine follower after every use.

But if you use your firearm infrequently, cleaning it before storage and after any prolonged periods of inactivity should be sufficient.

Signs Of Wear And Tear

Knowing the signs of wear and tear on your firearm’s magazine follower can help prevent malfunctions and spring failures. Here are some indications that your magazine follower may need to be replaced:

  • The follower has cracks or chips.
  • The spring shows signs of damage, such as rust or deformation.
  • The follower does not move smoothly or feels gritty when manually cycling it through the magazine.

Importance Of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the magazine follower is critical to your firearm’s proper functioning. Over time, dirt, debris, and oil can build up inside the magazine reducing its reliability.

Proper maintenance of magazine followers involves three steps:

  • Disassemble the magazine, separating the follower and spring from the rest of the components.
  • Clean all parts thoroughly with a gun cleaning solvent and a soft-bristled brush.
  • Inspect the parts, looking for signs of damage or wear. Replace any damaged or worn parts with new ones before reassembling the magazine.

Keeping the magazine follower in good condition is essential to the performance of your firearm. Follow these best practices to maintain your magazine follower properly, and you’ll be confident of its reliability every time you use your firearm.

Tips For Troubleshooting Magazine Follower Issues

Cleaning a firearm’s magazine follower is essential to maintain the gun’s functionality and safety. One critical component of a magazine is the follower, which controls the movement of bullets. Here are some effective tips for troubleshooting magazine follower issues.

Common Issues

Several issues can arise with magazine followers. Here are some common ones that you may encounter:

  • Misfeeding: This can happen when the follower fails to push the bullets correctly, and the gun fails to fire or jam.
  • Stuck follower: The follower can get stuck inside the magazine, leading to feeding issues.
  • Weak spring tension: If the magazine spring is not taut enough, it can result in misfeeding and other issues.
  • Follower tilt: The follower can tilt, which prevents it from moving freely and causes feeding problems.

Techniques For Troubleshooting

Magazine followers can be cleaned using different techniques, depending on the level of contamination. Here are some techniques you can use:

  • Disassemble the magazine: Take apart the magazine and remove the follower for a thorough cleaning. Wipe the follower with a cleaning solvent, and clean the magazine tube with a brush.
  • Use a bore snake: A bore snake is another effective tool for cleaning magazine followers. Dip the snake in a cleaning solvent and run it through the magazine well to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Replace the follower: If the follower is damaged beyond repair, it’s essential to replace it with a new one to ensure proper functionality.

Precautions To Avoid Further Issues

When cleaning a gun magazine and follower, it’s vital to follow some precautions to prevent further issues. Here are some tips:

  • Be gentle: Avoid using excessive force when cleaning the magazine and follower to prevent damaging the spring or the follower.
  • Use the right cleaning solvent: Not all cleaning solvents are suitable for guns, so use the recommended solvent for your gun’s magazine and follower.
  • Reassemble the magazine correctly: After cleaning, ensure that you reassemble the magazine correctly to avoid misfeeding issues.

Troubleshooting magazine follower issues is an essential aspect of firearm maintenance. Keeping your magazine and follower clean and functional can improve performance and ensure safety. Regular cleaning and proper handling of your firearm can make a significant difference in its longevity and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Clean A Firearm’S Magazine Follower?

How Often Should I Clean My Magazine Follower?

You should aim to clean your magazine follower every time you clean your firearm. This ensures its optimal performance, longevity, and functionality.

What Is The Purpose Of The Magazine Follower?

The magazine follower stops the cartridges from jamming at the top of the magazine, ensuring a smooth feeding of rounds.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Magazine Follower?

The best way to clean a magazine follower is to disassemble the magazine, then use a cleaning solution and a gun brush or patch to scrub it clean. Finally, dry and lubricate it before reassembling the magazine.

Can I Use Any Cleaning Solution On The Magazine Follower?

You should only use specialized gun cleaning solutions or lubricants on your magazine follower. Other cleaning solutions can damage the metal or plastic of the magazine follower.

Is It Necessary To Lubricate My Magazine Follower?

Yes, lubricating your magazine follower helps ensure smooth and reliable functioning of your firearm. Remember not to over-lubricate as this can cause more harm than good.

What Happens If I Don’T Clean My Magazine Follower?

If you don’t clean your magazine follower, dirt and grime can build up, causing feeding issues, jams, and even permanent damage to your firearm.


Maintaining your firearms is a crucial task that ensures longer usability and reliability. However, people often overlook cleaning their guns’ magazine follower, which can lead to malfunctions and other issues. In this post, we shared how to clean your firearm’s magazine follower safely and effectively.

We discussed the importance of using the right cleaning tools, making sure the follower is bone-dry before using it, and using only the recommended cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning of your firearm’s magazine follower will not only ensure a consistent feed but also improve its overall performance.

By following the steps we’ve outlined, you can keep your magazines in perfect working condition for years to come. Remember, safety is always a priority when maintaining firearms, so do not forget to use appropriate protective gear while cleaning your gun.






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