How to Clean a Firearm’S Safety Selector?

To clean a firearm’s safety selector, disassemble the firearm, remove the safety selector, clean it with a brush and lubricate it before reassembly. Cleaning the safety selector is an essential step in maintaining a firearm’s safety systems.

Firearms are essential tools that require regular cleaning and maintenance to function correctly. A firearm’s safety system plays a crucial role in preventing accidental discharge and protecting the user. Over time, dirt, debris, and fouling can accumulate on the safety selector, compromising its function.

Therefore, it’s crucial to clean and maintain the firearm’s safety selector regularly. This guide will cover the necessary steps required to clean the safety selector and keep the firearm functioning correctly.

How to Clean a Firearm'S Safety Selector?


Understanding The Importance Of Cleaning Your Firearm’S Safety Selector

Firearms are essential to the lives of gun enthusiasts and professionals. They are used for self-defense, sports, and hunting. Whether you own a firearm for personal or professional use, cleaning is an essential requirement to ensure its longevity. One of the critical parts of a firearm is the safety selector.

This component is responsible for keeping the gun in a safe and functional condition. Cleaning the safety selector regularly ensures that the firearm performs optimally and avoids any potential hazards.

Why Cleaning The Safety Selector Is Essential For Your Firearm

The safety selector is a tiny part, but it plays a vital role in firearm functioning. Here’s why cleaning the safety selector is so essential:

  • Prevents malfunctioning: The selector can get dirty and stuck due to frequent usage. Cleaning it regularly prevents any chances of malfunctioning and ensures proper firearm functioning.
  • Improves firearm accuracy: A dirty or stuck safety selector can hinder the firearm’s accuracy. Regular cleaning ensures that the safety selector moves smoothly, enhancing the firearm’s accuracy.
  • Extends firearm life: A gun is not cheap, and regular cleaning of all its parts increases its lifespan. Regular cleaning of the safety selector ensures that it performs efficiently, thereby extending the firearm’s life.

What Happens If You Don’T Clean Your Firearm’S Safety Selector Regularly

Neglecting your firearm’s safety selector’s cleaning can lead to detrimental effects on your firearm and even become a safety hazard. Here’s are some consequences of not cleaning your firearm’s safety selector:

  • Deadly accidents: A dirty or stuck safety selector can lead to deadly accidents, especially if it’s not in the safe mode.
  • Malfunctioning: Dirt and grime buildup can cause your safety selector to malfunction, preventing your firearm from performing when you need it most.
  • Affects firearm durability: Continual neglect and a buildup of dirt and grime on your safety selector can lead to rusting and corrosion, which can have a negative impact on your firearm’s durability.

To sum it up, keeping your firearm adequately cleaned is an essential aspect of firearms ownership. Failing to do so can lead to potential hazards or decreasing the life expectancy of your firearm. Regularly cleaning the safety selector ensures the firearm functions correctly, making it a vital component of the maintenance process.

Tools And Materials You Will Need To Clean Your Firearm’S Safety Selector

Cleaning your firearm’s safety selector is a crucial maintenance task that every firearm owner must perform regularly. The safety selector is an integral part of a firearm and ensures that the gun can be used efficiently and safely. Keeping it clean prolongs the gun’s life span and ensures its optimal performance.

Here are the tools and materials you will need to clean your firearm’s safety selector effectively.

Essential Tools For Cleaning Your Safety Selector

Before you begin cleaning your firearm’s safety selector, you need to have some essential tools to make the task easier. Here are some of the must-have tools you should have:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cotton swabs
  • Gun oil or lubricant

Using these tools is essential for proper cleaning since they are designed specifically for firearm maintenance. Having these tools ensures that the process is more efficient and effective.

Recommended Cleaning Materials For Your Safety Selector

To clean your firearm’s safety selector effectively, you will need some cleaning materials that will help you get the job done. Here are some of the materials that we recommend:

  • Hoppe’s no. 9 solvent
  • Slip 2000 gun lubricant
  • Ballistol multi-purpose lubricant
  • M-pro 7 gun cleaner

These cleaning materials are designed to remove any dirt and grime that accumulates on your firearm’s safety selector. They also help to lubricate the parts to ensure proper functioning.

Cleaning your firearm’s safety selector regularly is essential to maintaining its optimal performance. With the essential tools and recommended cleaning materials, the process will be efficient and effective. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use these tools and materials to avoid damaging your firearm.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean Your Firearm’S Safety Selector

Step 1: Unloading Your Firearm And Safety Check

Before we dive into the proper steps of cleaning a firearm’s safety selector, it’s crucial to start with a safety check. It’s better to be overly cautious than to let carelessness get in the way of your safety or that of others.

Below are the steps you should follow before starting the cleaning process:

  • First, unload your firearm by removing the magazine and pulling the slide back to remove any cartridges inside.
  • Check the chamber to ensure there are no remaining bullets or cartridges.
  • Verify that the firearm is unloaded by inserting a cleaning rod down the chamber and visually inspecting it to ensure it’s empty.
  • Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction as you proceed with the cleaning process.

Step 2: Disassembly Of The Firearm And Removing The Safety Selector

The next step is to disassemble your firearm and then remove the safety selector. The following steps should guide you:

  • Disassemble your firearm according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Different firearms may require different methods for disassembling.
  • Locate the safety selector and the small spring that holds it in place.
  • Use a small punch tool or screwdriver to carefully remove the safety selector. You may need to apply a little pressure depending on the firearm model.
  • Once the selector is removed, take out the spring and set them aside.

Step 3: Cleaning The Safety Selector And Its Internal Components

Before cleaning the safety selector, ensure that you have a well-ventilated space and that you are using suitable cleaning agents and tools. To clean the components:

  • Wipe down the selector with a clean cloth and solvent to remove any debris or dirt sticking to it.
  • Use a small, soft-bristled brush to clean the internal components of the safety selector.
  • Dry the components with a clean cloth, ensuring that there is no debris or solvent remaining.

Step 4: Reinstalling The Safety Selector And Testing The Functionality

After cleaning, it’s time to reinstall the safety selector and test its functionality. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Insert the spring back in place where you removed it earlier.
  • Carefully slide the safety selector back in place, ensuring that it is secured by the spring. You may need to apply slight pressure to get it back in.
  • Test the functionality of your safety selector by engaging and disengaging it. The selector should easily slide back and forth.
  • Check to make sure that your safety selector is operating correctly and that it’s in the right position. Store your firearm safely.

There you have it, a step-by-step guide on cleaning your firearm’s safety selector. Remember to always prioritize safety when handling firearms. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your firearm are essential for its longevity and functionality.

Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Your Firearm’S Safety Selector

Cleaning your firearm’s safety selector is an essential task that should be done regularly to prevent malfunctioning and other safety risks. A safety selector controls the safety settings of the firearm, allowing the shooter to change it from on to off or vice versa.

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate on the safety selector, causing it to malfunction. In this post, we will provide tips and tricks for maintaining your firearm’s safety selector and keeping it in top condition.

How Often Should You Clean Your Firearm’S Safety Selector?

Cleaning your firearm’s safety selector should be done after every use to maintain its top condition. Additionally, regular cleaning is essential to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime on the safety selector. At the very least, the safety selector should be thoroughly cleaned once a month, even if the firearm was not used.

What To Look For After Cleaning Your Firearm’S Safety Selector

After cleaning your firearm’s safety selector, there are a few things you should check to make sure it is functioning correctly:

  • The safety selector should move smoothly and easily between the on and off positions.
  • There should be no grittiness or resistance in the movement of the safety selector.
  • The safety selector should click firmly into the on and off positions and stay there without wobbling.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Firearm’S Safety Selector

When it comes to cleaning a firearm’s safety selector, there are common mistakes you should avoid to prevent damage to the firearm or risk of injury:

  • Use the appropriate cleaning solution and a clean cloth to avoid damaging the safety selector’s finish.
  • Do not use a dirty or oily cloth to clean the safety selector as it may leave behind residue that can attract more dirt and grime.
  • Avoid using excessive force when cleaning the safety selector as it can cause damage to the firearm’s internal mechanisms.
  • Do not dismantle the safety selector if you are not familiar with its internal mechanisms.

By following the tips and tricks outlined above, you can maintain your firearm’s safety selector in top condition and prevent any safety risks. Remember, regular cleaning is essential to keep the safety selector functioning correctly. By avoiding common mistakes and checking for proper functioning after cleaning, you can ensure your firearm stays in top condition for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Clean A Firearm’S Safety Selector?

How Often Should I Clean My Firearm’S Safety Selector?

It is recommended to clean your firearm’s safety selector after every use or at least once a month. Regular cleaning ensures the safety selector functions smoothly and prevents malfunction.

Can I Use Any Cleaning Solution To Clean My Firearm’S Safety Selector?

No, it is not recommended to use any cleaning solution to clean your firearm’s safety selector. Use a quality gun cleaner and lubricant that is specifically designed for cleaning firearms.

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Firearm’S Safety Selector?

The best way to clean your firearm’s safety selector is to use a quality gun cleaner and lubricant, along with a soft-bristled brush. Gently clean all surfaces of the safety selector and then lubricate it to ensure smooth operation.

How Can I Prevent Malfunction Of My Firearm’S Safety Selector?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your firearm’s safety selector is essential to prevent malfunction. You should also follow proper handling procedures and never force the safety selector to engage or disengage.

Can I Clean My Firearm’S Safety Selector Without Disassembling The Firearm?

Yes, you can clean your firearm’s safety selector without disassembling the firearm. However, it is recommended to clean the entire firearm periodically to ensure proper maintenance and prevent malfunction.


Keeping your safety selector clean is an essential part of maintaining the safety of your firearm. Whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or just starting, knowing how to clean your firearm’s safety selector is a crucial skill to have. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you’ll be well-equipped to clean and maintain your firearm’s safety selector with ease.

Remember to always use the right tools and keep safety as your top priority. Keeping your firearm clean is one of the best ways to ensure its longevity and performance. So take the time to clean your safety selector regularly, and your firearm will thank you for it in the long run.

With a little bit of patience and care, you can achieve a pristine and well-functioning safety selector in no time.






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